Paul, Paul, Paul.

There's something about that name. The planets align and cause major life shifts to happen when I encounter any man named Paul.

Let us begin with my first Paul. The only man, a boy really when I knew him, who has evoked feelings in me that held the potential for me to fall in love. Do you know what I'm talking about? When you're attracted to someone and it's powerful and consuming and it has this shine to it, this shimmering effervescence that has the possibility of becoming something cataclysmic. Where your body and your heart are teetering on the edge of the love abyss and all it takes is getting to know that person intimately, physically and emotionally, and love gravity takes hold and pulls you down until you're hopelessly lost. And you don't mind in the slightest. Completely different from love is this in love business. Strong emotions both, but as different as night and day. Maybe this first Paul has made me partial to that name. Perhaps.

Then there is our very own Paul, aka Coujeaux. A man who has become an incredible friend to me. I discovered where the other half of my brain has been hiding all these years - he had possession of it and the bastard didn't even have the decency to tell me. Talking to Paul is like putting on an old favorite flannel shirt that's been worn until it fits only you. It's comfortable and familiar and you never want to give it up, no matter how many holes or tears it gets through the years. Good friends like that don't happen all the time. Another thunderbolt of an entirely different kind.

This latest Paul is the man with whom I had a job interview today. My reaction to him was purely physical. He lit up every sexual neuron I have. Tall, gorgeous - but in an accessible way, floppy black hair, intelligent eyes, intensity, very dry wit, sexy smile, and great hands. Wow. Of course, as my luck would have it, he's happily married with children. If I get this job he will be one of my superiors. Please, just kill me now. *insert dramatic rolling of the eyes here*

Three different Pauls. All of them special. Each of them meaningful to me in different ways - love, friendship, and physical attraction, respectively. Merely because they share the same first name? It could be. There could be something floating around out there in the karmic cosmos that has destined me to encounter incredible men named Paul and have them be significant to me. Perhaps somewhere there is a new Paul waiting for me. A Paul who will evoke those wonderful, aching shimmering feelings and he'll bring me to the precipice where I will happily fall down, head over heels.

There really is no way of knowing. All I can say is this: any time I come in contact with a man named Paul - my internal radar starts going crazy. Be it conditioning or fate, the advantage is yours should you be blessed with the name of Paul.
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