Proofing sucks. Well, at least for me it does. After I've just spent hours typing a document (or documents) or transcribing something for the 2nd job, the last thing I want to do is painstakingly go through the file and make sure I didn't screw anything up. Do I do it anyway? Yes, I do because I want to keep getting more work and won't be able to if I turn in crap. Also, I have this stupid thing called pride in my work. I hate it when I goof up.

I even play this little game with myself with my primary job work. Whenever I type a letter or anything going to a client, my immediate boss always proofs it before it gets sent out. I have no problem with this as I'm human - I miss things, I make typos. She always makes the corrections on the draft copy in red pen - just like school, right? Well, anytime I get the draft copy back without any red marks, I celebrate (quietly, mostly, to myself) be it either with a smile or a silent "hehehe" (complete with correlative enthusiastic head movement - think "Night at the Roxbury"). It's a dorky incentive to myself to do the best job I can when typing something. Sometimes I'll even proof it before I give her the draft.

I'm actually finding I hate the painstakingness of proofing things. I tend to want to do cursory comparisons between the original and the typed draft, trying to focus on major points instead of reading through word by word. It becomes a war between wanting to make sure I did a good job and just getting it over with already. Damn my lazy ass.

Exciting work, typing. Oh yeah.

On a completely unrelated note, partners in law firms make insane, obscene amounts of money. No wonder you lawyerly types want to make partner as a career goal. Wow. I mean, really.


That is all.
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