We just had a 5.8 earthquake. It was centered not too far from me and it lasted a good 30 seconds or so. Long, in earthquake standards. It was a shaker as opposed the a roller. The rolling quakes are actually kinda fun, barring being involved in any kind of injury or damage (I've lived in So Cal my whole life so one must get used to earthquakes and the view of them gets skewed a bit). Shaker quakes are scarier but this one wasn't too bad where I'm at. What gets me is the stupid people whom I can hear going down the stairs to get out of the building - WHILE THE QUAKE IS STILL GOING. Hello?!? Dumbasses, just move away from the windows and be ready to hide under your desk if stuff starts falling but walking down stairs while the building is moving? Stupid, stupid people. Let's see if we can fall down and hurt ourselves when we would have been perfectly safe had we stayed put. Yeah, that sounds like fun.