When I was younger, I had these grand ideas of going out and changing the world. You know, travel to far off lands, solve world hunger & end poverty, bring equality and fairness to all people, etc, etc.

Then reality set in and I starting working full-time and got caught up in all the minutiae that life entails. Changing the world faded to the background and I settled for changing minor things here and there. I revised my far-reaching goals and tried to make the bit of world around me a little better for me being in it. I have no idea if I've succeeded or not but I keep at it.

Because now, my goals are much less grandiose. I just want to be able to be safe, secure and comfortable for the rest of my life. I no longer need to be a world leader or a saint or an insanely rich captain of industry or anything like that. I figure if I can manage to keep a roof over my head (and the heads of those I love), food in my belly (and in the bellies of those I love), and still do my minuscule bit to make the world around me a better place, that's good enough for me.

There are people out there who are ready, willing and able to change the world, who either have the means or find ways to create the means to effect global change. I admire the hell out of them. They manage to satisfy buckets upon huge ol' buckets of need with their intelligence, drive, and caring.

Me? I use my little eye dropper and put my drips in whenever I can. And my soul is happy with that.
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I don't know about any of you, but I have a thing for voices. I don't just mean a quiver factor, either. That's a separate category really and is different for everybody. For me, the quiver factor is maxed out when the voice is male (that's just how I'm wired), deep and gravelly. There doesn't have to be an eye candy factor because it's all about the experience of the voice. Favorites of mine are Michael Wincott, Lance Henriksen and Will Arnett. None of these men fit any kind of societal measure of attractiveness but their voices - whoa mama. Throw an accent in there and I'm all aquiver. Favorite accents for me would be Irish, South African, and southern U.S. (particularly cajun/New Orleans area).

But quiver factor aside, there is another category of voices that are just plain glorious to listen to. They make your ears sigh in bliss for their passing through on their way into your brain. These are voices that could be saying anything and it wouldn't matter, within reason, because the sheer joy of experiencing them is far more important than the message being conveyed. Voices that fall into this category for me would be Susan Sarandon and my all time favorite, Morgan Freeman. He has the most incredible voice and his delivery just makes the experience rapturous. I could listen to him read the dictionary for hours upon hours and enjoy every second of it. He's just that amazing. There's a good reason he provides the narration on any of his movies when it's required