Setting: In Lil's car on the way home from the park

Time: The other day

Players: Lil (38-year old auntie extraoidinaire, sitting in the driver's seat), The Nephew (13-year old nephew extraoridinaire, reclining in the passenger seat)

Atmosphere: "Slow Ride" by Foghat begins playing on the radio

The Nephew: Hey! It's Slow Ride. (begins playing air Guitar Hero guitar)

Lil: Yes, that it is.

The Nephew: It sounds just like in Guitar Hero III (continues playing air Guitar Hero guitar and now adds rock n' roll guitar player scrunchy faces)

Lil: (Perplexedly) That's because the song in Guitar Hero is the actual song.

The Nephew: Yeah, but it sounds JUST like it! (throws in wild air Guitar Hero guitar movements in addition to air guitar playing and rock n' roll scrunchy faces)

Lil: (Pauses for a moment) Well, this version does have the guitar playing throughout the whole song while during Guitar Hero, there are parts where there isn't any know when you miss a note and the guitar part cuts out.

The Nephew: (Stops playing air Guitar Hero guitar long enough to glare at Lil)

Lil: (Smiles)
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