On the way home from work last night, I began composing a brilliant blog entry about U2 and my love affair with their music that lasted up through Rattle and Hum. My My-U2brain wove magnificent textural tapestries about how U2 and I grew apart with the arrival of Achtung Baby but how vital they and their music had been to my existence up until that time. How their songs and message inspired me to begin writing letters for Amnesty International and to try listening to Billie Holiday, something for which I will forever be grateful. Poignant memories of listening to the Joshua Tree while in the depths of depression following my father's death and how the music would lift my soul so that I could survive to cry another day drifted through my cerebrum. In particular I waxed rhapsodic about the impact of one scene in Rattle and Hum when Bono is singing In the Name of Love and he entreaties the audience to sing the words and when they do, en masse and perfectly, the look of awe and amazement on his face truly captivated what I loved so much about this band at that particular moment in time. The narrative wound its way through my grey matter with coherence and continuity, sentences supporting my thoughts and opinions with incredible clarity.

Alas, I didn't write any of that Pulitzer Prize worthy post down and it's all gone up in a puff of smoke and scattered into the ether, never to coalesce accurately again. *sigh* [Please visualize Kevin Spacey in The Usual Suspects when he says "and poof, he was gone." I cannot find a screen shot of that to save my life. Thank you.]


Edited to Add: Tim is great! He made this screen capture for me! This is what I was talking about - Kevin Spacey wonderfullness. Yay!!

This is why I have taken to carrying around a little notebook so that I can write down such wonderful thoughts as they occur. However, this is not so useful a method for capturing such musically inspired brilliance when one is driving approximately 65 miles per hour down the freeway. Yep. I put safety first and look where it got me - a really dorky blog entry.

But then, what else is new?

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