• Violator by Depeche Mode was a great album.
  • I love that Dave Gahan sings with an English accent because if he pronounced laughing any differently in Blasphemous Rumours, it just wouldn't be the same song.
  • I know Blasphemous Rumours wasn't on Violator.
  • Admission of Guilt: I LIKE ZZ Top. There, I said it.
  • In Hot for Teacher, Van Halen totally ripped of the drum part of ZZ Top's La Grange to the point that hopefully they gave them credit on the album.
  • I always wanted ZZ Top's car in those videos they did where they were fairy god-musicians and made the lives of the geeky guy and downtrodden girl so much better by giving them the way cool ZZ Top key chain.

That is all. Oh wait, just to scare the crap out of you:


It's me! Hadn't posted an updated picture of me in ages so, me being the kind person that I am, am posting this picture taken the day I got my hair done. Rest assured, it has not looked anything like this since.

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