I do typing for a local company as a second job. I just finished doing a transcription of a polygraph interview/test for a rape case.I’ve never done a polygraph transcription before and to say this was extremely difficult would be a severe understatement. From a technical standpoint, the player on which I had to listen to the video was simplistic to a fault and very hard to rewind if I missed something. The actual quality of the audio was not a problem so that at least wasn’t a trial.

The interview was with the alleged rapist and he had to go into detail about his relationship with the girl he’s being accused of attacking.What I find most bothersome is that he’s so clueless. He very well may have raped the girl but if he did, he has no idea that’s what happened. To his mind, he was engaging in consensual sex. She never said no, stop or don’t. But what’s sticking with me, and believe me I wish it wasn’t, is that I got this insight and extremely graphic re-telling of this couple’s sexual encounter, which was at the very least unsatisfying for either of them and terribly awkward.

He also was questioned about his past sexual behaviors and habits as well as previous relationships. I know way more about this guy than I would ever want to or even have any business knowing. He actually seems like he might be a decent individual on some level but for the fact that he has no idea how to communicate with a woman, on anything, and he’s utterly clueless as to non-verbal cues as to how a woman is feeling. He sincerely seems to want to understand and love someone and be loved in return.It’s just that he’s completely incapable, seemingly because he’s emotionally that stupid. It’s sad and pathetic and I could really do without ever having typed up the interview.

To add salt to the wound, I didn’t get the entire file finished.I got all but the last 20 minutes or so done (2 hour and 20 minute total file length). I’ve got a cold that’s settled in my ear and add to that the problems with the video player program (I tried to find an alternate player program but it seems that sheriff station security camera files only work on certain players) along with the general discomfort and unease the subject matter gave me and just plain working around my regular work schedule, technical difficulties resulting in deletion of a about half of the Word file necessitating me to listen to the interview again and vital time spent with my wonderful nephew and niece, it took me almost a week to get as far as I did. I was up until 3:30 a.m. this morning trying to get it done but in the end just couldn’t do it. I hate that. I hate turning in shoddy work. I cut my hour count down but wouldn’t even argue if the lady I do this contract work for decided not to pay me at all. I’m that glad to be shut of the file.

I feel like I need an internal psychological shower complete with loofah scrubdown of my brain.

Thank you for listening. I needed to get this out somehow.
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