The office supply order came in today. To evidence how much of a geek I am, it always feels like Christmas to me when I open that delivery box and can unpack all of the goodies we’ve received.

I have always loved ordering office supplies. It was when I was working as an office manager at a brand-new-yet-to-be-opened nursing home that I experienced office supply nirvana. I was tasked with ordering all of the office supplies to get the facility set up. We had a contract with Viking Office Supplies (now owned by Office Depot) and since I didn’t have a catalog yet, I got to spend gloriously fun filled hours (yes, more than one hour) ordering the office supplies with the poor customer service person, telling him what I needed to order and him looking up the information in their database. While that in itself was nearly pure bliss, it didn’t hold a candle to the day the order arrived. My entire office was filled with boxes. Cardboard encased Valhalla. It was one of the single best moments of my professional life.

Currently there are no less than two drawers, three bags and a couple plastic storage containers full of office supplies at my house. Not just the usual stuff like sticky notes or pens but also stationery type things such as cool postcards or funky stationery. Going to an office supply store causes me to experience a contact high from all the paper products and cool scissors and rainbow hued pens. I am truly a geek of the lowest order.

While I’m perfectly content at the mega-stores like Staples, it is the small local stationery store where I am happiest. They always have the interesting office supplies like colored staples, strangely patterned paper and oddball greeting cards.

Alas, these stores have been slowly going by the wayside under the onslaught of the aforementioned mega-stores. It’s become increasingly difficult to find a smaller stationery store anymore. Time and time again, I am bereft when I drive by places where I used to find the most fascinating things only to see the signs changed or the doors shuttered. But I shall persevere. Someone has to seek out unique office supplies and keep office supply geekdom alive. Might as well be me.
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  1. No worries. You're not the only one to fall under this category of geekness.

  2. Lil Says:

    Wow, not only do I have my first comment here but it's from someone I admire! Thank you, Suzanne. Your drawings are amazing. :-)

  3. Bigezbear Says:

    Yay! Comments are working. And this is one post I wanted to remark on before. I wanted to say:

    "G'on, sistuh girrl! You preachin' to the choir."

    That is exactly how I handled office supplies when I was a member of the great "washed".

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Budgets at my office have been slashed to the bone...we're lucky to have pens, much less colored staples. We have a great little stationery store here and I have spent more than I should have on cool note cards and such.

  5. Lil Says:

    Glenn - Yay, it worked! Glad to see you here.

    HIF - Oh I can't buy fancy office supplies for work. That's just for my personal stash (that really does not need to be added to at all). But even the more mundane, serviceable office supplies are like crack cocaine for me. It doesn't matter. I love 'em all! :-)

  6. Gwen Says:

    Oh my god. I've always loved office supplies too. I guess that makes me geek as well?

  7. Lil Says:

    Gwen - Hi! Thanks for dropping by. I say being a geek is a good thing and the more the merrier. I'm just glad to know I'm not the only office supply geek out there. :-)

    HIF - In case you stop by again, I'm sorry I didn't say thanks for stopping by when I responded to your comment yesterday. My manners just flew on out the window. So thank you for visiting and commenting. :-)

  8. Jenifer Says:

    I too love to buy office supples.!! Most of my office supplies come from Quill.

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