Over the weekend, The Nephew, The Niece and I took our two dogs for a walk. The dogs' names are Tofu and Betsey. The Nephew pushed The Niece in her stroller and I walked the two dogs.

Tofu is an older, more mature (at least when not in the presence of food or when you haven't been out of her sight for more than two nanoseconds) dog. Betsey is still in puppyhood, being only about two years old. Betsey kept trying to run around The 'Fu and would get their leashes entwined.

While separating their leashes for the trillionth time, I say to The Nephew, "you know that Bob Dylan song, 'Tangled Up in Blue'?"

He cautiously replies, "Yeah".

I then say (you can hear it already, can't you?), "Well, Betsey's song would be 'Tangled Up with 'Fu'".

Oddly enough, The Nephew didn't laugh but chose to look at me like I was mentally deranged. I mean really, that was pretty darned funny.

Okay, so at least I crack myself up, right? I've gotta make someone laugh.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Nephews and nieces are contractually obligated to think anything clever you say is embarrassing. I mean, sure, my aunt is funny, but by writ of familial law it is forbidden to acknowledge her humor, least she get a big head and think herself actually amusing.

  2. Lillian Says:

    BS (can I call you BS?) - Aw hell, I figure it's a good day when I can manage to embarrass him at least once. Of course, I am a good and kind auntie so I keep these joyful experiences limited to times when there are no witnesses of a certain age, i.e. other teenagers. I'm funny, not cruel. :-) Thanks for stopping by & leaving some comments.

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